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Happy hearts day!

Wine and Beer!
A rare public post:

Happy Valentine's Day, all! Or, as it used to be called, Happy Singles Awareness Day, or, more appropriately, Happy "Easter Candy Eve" Day. (You know how you go to Target after Halloween because candy's on sale half-off? I'm not a big fan of Valentine's Day candy but I do believe Easter candy is the pinnacle of all candy-centric holidays, so tomorrow, Easter candy hits the shelf and I begin my annual "stock up on Cadbury caramel eggs" thing. I actually kind of wish I was kidding. Funny enough, my stock generally lasts me til September because I forget about it every. single. time and then around June am like "OH HAI EASTER CANDY".)

I hope today is magical. Or at the very least, filled with Ben and Jerry's. That actually doesn't sound, I should've picked some of that up when I was at the store. Ah well.


Christmas movie tally, 2013

Xmas Bitch
So far, we have watched the following:

-Charlie Brown Christmas
-National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (arguably the best out of that franchise, featuring a young Johnny Galecki, aka, Leonard from Big Bang Theory)
-Home Alone (only the original - neither of us believe in the sequels)
-Santa Clause (only the original - I don't care what you say, none of the sequels were as effective as the first one)
-Elf (okay, that one was just me and I may have had a drink or two)
-Die Hard

We are now one movie ("Christmas Story") away from completing the necessary holiday movies. And with two days to spare. SOLID WORK.


Hello from day 7.1. As in rotation 7, day 1.

Technically, for me, tomorrow is 7.1 but I don't want to do this based on my schedule because my schedule this month is kind of crazy and I'd either get lost of I'd become depressed, so today is 7.1 for my purposes.

Unreal. It was just about two years ago today that I started on this crazy journey and now the light at the end of the tunnel is clearly NOT the oncoming train that I thought it was about one year ago today. People around me are very excited. I joke that I'm too tired to be excited but the thing is, I'm not entirely sure how much of a joke that is.

I'd post more but on top of all of the school things I have to do, the car has an appointment with the shop in a bit so I need to get going.

Side note: I took a quarter of a tablet of benadryl last night due to allergies (A QUARTER OF A TAB, Y'ALL) and it knocked me off my feet. Unreal. When did I become such a benadryl wuss? One of my preceptors loved recommending it to people with sleeping difficulties and I'd inwardly cringe when he would say to just take a tablet and go to bed. Part of me would be like "no, don't do a full tab! For the love of God, try half first!" but being a student, you should be seen not heard (if even on that seen least for this preceptor) so I'd keep my mouth shut.

Bright side - there's a coffee shop near where the car is going. THERE IS HOPE.

Your LOL moment

Yesterday, pre-PACKRAT exam, myself and two of my classmates sang "Soft Kitty" together from Big Bang Theory to soothe our frazzled souls. And then we dove into the timed 225 question test.

...reason #186 why I love my classmates. Birds of a feather sing "Soft Kitty" together.


Things I hate in life: traffic

Oh noes!
So I leave late ONCE and I get stuck in traffic for almost a full hour. A drive that, I kid you not, in the morning takes about 15 minutes to do TOOK A FULL HOUR.

Sweet Home Alabama, was that ever not fun.

On the bright side, tomorrow is Friday and we are seeing Wicked on Saturday. First time through I saw it with the bestie, which was appropriate because it's a musical about besties. This time, it'll be interesting to get a male POV.

Also, I have beer. Thank God.



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